Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Collage "An American Tradition" Poster by Merv Corning

Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Collage "An American Tradition" Poster by Merv Corning

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Publisher: Front Row Collectibles, 1994
Size: 25.5" x 34"
Condition: Brand New, Original Warehouse Stock!

Item #: FR-06


A must for the wall of any true football fan! This spectacular poster features one of the most famous works of football art ever produced - Merv Corning's 1991 NFL masterpiece, "An American Tradition", a collage of clippings, memorabilia, and equipment reviewing the first quarter-century of the Super Bowl that served as the official artwork for Super Bowl XXV. With amazing style and detail, you'll get years of enjoyment out of this one, picking out something new every time you take a look! Here's a few items you'll see in the collage: the Vince Lombardi trophy; press passes for Super Bowl XIII, XV, and XXIV; Joe Montana on the cover of Time magazine; Doug Williams on the cover of Sports Illustrated; helmets from Super Bowl competitors Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Colts, and Minnesota Vikings; portraits of Commissioner Pete Rozelle, and legendary coaches Don Shula, Bill Walsh, and Vince Lombardi; a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV Championship pennant; trading cards of legends Richard Dent, Bob Griese, Fran Tarkenton, and Roger Craig; and countless other surprises! Published by the short-lived football art firm Front Row Collectibles, very few of these posters made it into fans' hands, and nearly the entire print run sat untouched in a Bay-Area warehouse for more than a decade before we acquired them for our customers. A beautiful work of sports art, and a rare collector's item for years to come! The perfect way to add a unique, historic touch to your home, office, bar, or clubhouse.

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