"Sports Festival 2000" - Scandecor 1999

"Sports Festival 2000" - Scandecor 1999

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Scandecor, Sweden, 1999
Size: 27" x 39"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: IS-101590

A lighthearted look at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! This wonderful poster features dozens of little cartoon men and Kangaroos playing all of the major Olympic sports: fencing, athletics, boxing, weightlifting, yachting, football (soccer), gymnastics, diving, swimming, basketball, judo, tennis, rowing, and more. Also featured are the flags of nearly 50 world nations. There's so much happening, you'll never get bored of looking at this poster! Perfect for the wall of any young Olympic hopeful. Note: this poster is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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