Nascar Racing Pennants

Join the revolution in a classic sports collectible format! For decades pennants were printed on rigid board-like material that creased and discolored easily, and could not be rolled or folded. Then, in 2008, the mighty Wincraft Inc. introduced its American-made Premium Felt Pennants collection on a durable, lush 'Roll-it-and-Go' material - and the rest is history! Featuring photo-quality images on a soft felt that will last a lifetime, these are both beautiful decorative accents for your walls, and valuable collector's items for years to come. Choose from hundreds available! Place your order online any time, or by phone at toll-free 1-888-650-3455 (416-696-8353). Questions? E-mail us at

Jimmie Johnson "4 In A Row" Premium Commemorative Pennant

Item # WI-PP-047
Regular price $24.95

Tony Stewart #14-2010 Premium Felt Pennant - Wincraft Inc.

Item # WI-PP-530
Regular price $24.95

Kasey Kahne "Farmers #5" Premium Felt Pennant - Wincraft 2012

Item # WI-PP-439
Regular price $19.95