Timeline of World History (Human Civilization from 3,000 BCE to Present) Premium Wall Chart Poster

Timeline of World History (Human Civilization from 3,000 BCE to Present) Premium Wall Chart Poster

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Publisher: Useful Charts, 2020
Size: 24" x 36"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality heavy print stock.

Item #: UC-01

Bring your wall alive with 5,000 years of human history! This spectacular wall chart, "Timeline of World History", is the ultimate reference poster for teachers, history students, or anyone with a serious interest in the history of mankind. Starting from the 30th century BCE, it starts at the top of the poster with the earliest known human civilizations - the Old Kingdom of Egypt, and the Sumerians of Mesopotamia - and takes you on a visual and textual march through time that ends at the bottom, in the present-day world. From the Early Bronze Age civilizations that also include the Minoans, the Chinese, and the Indus Valley peoples; to the kingdoms that disappeared at the 12th century BCE Bronze Age Collapse (Myceneans, Hittites, Elamites, Kassites, etc.); to the rise of the Greeks, Hebrews, Persians in the Iron Age; to the flourishing of civilization in Classical Antiquity (Carthage, Romans, Greeks, Achaemenids, Celts, Indians); to the Mayans, Byzantines, Christians and Muslims of the Middle Ages; to all the great Chinese dynasties throughout the generations; to the flourishing of the modern world from the Renaissance/Reformation period to today; it's all here, in a format that truly brings it all together in the most useful way! Designed to perfection of purpose by Vancouver-based historian Matt Baker, and printed on premium-quality gallery stock for durability and attractiveness, this is a true treasure. Seen in better classrooms, libraries, museums, and homes worldwide - add it to your décor today!

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