Lacing Up by Ken Danby Hockey Art Poster Print - Danby Studios

Lacing Up by Ken Danby Hockey Art Poster Print - Danby Studios

  • USD $99.95
Publisher: Ken Danby Studios Canada, 1998
Size: 21¼" x 26¼"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: KD-02

A moment every hockey player recognizes! The late Ken Danby's 1973 painting captures the grassroots essence of Canada's national game. In Danby's words:

"During my work on At the Crease, I was reminded of the preparation required before playing the game. Shortly thereafter, I became a member of a team (that I'm still with), and engaged in the same 'suiting up' rituals. The result was that I had a team member pose for me, as I carried my hockey interest further in my work. I decided to focus specifically on the physical act of lacing up, rather than the individual, so I cropped the head in order to emphasize this."

Hockey fans, here's your chance to own your very own copy of this historic work of art, at a very reasonable price. The perfect addition to your hockey wall! Note: since the artist's passing in 2007, the Ken Danby studio has been closed, and this item has been taken out of production. We have purchased a limited quantity on closeout, and are making them available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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