Mont-Dore (Auvergne) (1935) - Clouet Vintage Reprints

Mont-Dore (Auvergne) (1935) - Clouet Vintage Reprints

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Clouets Vintage Reprints, France
Size: 20" x 27½"
Condition: Brand New.

Item #: CL-50595

Champs de Ski_Patinoire - Tremplins de Saut
Alt. 1100 à 1800 m.
Nombreux Hôtels
la célèbre station d'été des Voies Respiratoires

Amazing classic Art Deco style, celebrating the Auvergne mountain resort of Mont-Dore! This spectacular poster features a brilliant reproduction of a 1935 travel poster promoting travel along the Paris-Midi rail line to this resort, celebrated as having "Fields of Skiing & Skating", "Jumping Springboards", "Numerous hotels", and as being "a celebrated summer destination for your respiratory tract". A vintage beauty celebrating a classic event with fantastic style and flair. A rare, beautiful piece, perfect for home, office or ski chalet!

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