L.A. Lakers "Four Legends" Poster - Costacos 2003

L.A. Lakers "Four Legends" Poster - Costacos 2003

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Costacos Sports, released December 2003
Size: 22¼" x 34"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: CN3276

Four future Hall-of-Famers on the floor together...this is the amazing story of the 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers! This fantastic poster celebrates the legendary talent of monstrous Center Shaquille O'Neal, frenetic point guard Gary Payton, awe-inspiring shooting guard Kobe Bryant, and the game's all-time best power forward, Karl Malone. Amazing photography, awesome design - a must for the wall of any true fan! Note: this poster is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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