Kasey Kahne "Momentum" (Victory at Texas) NASCAR Racing Poster - Time Factory 2006

Kasey Kahne "Momentum" (Victory at Texas) NASCAR Racing Poster - Time Factory 2006

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: The Time Factory, released November 2006
Size: 22" x 28"
Condition: Brand-new, original warehouse stock!

Item #: TF-8409

"Things can change quickly, but we're definitely on a high right now. We have momentum and things are going our way. We've got to capitalize while we do have this and, hopefully, keep it going all season."

Combining NASCAR's greatest heroes with the ever-popular motivational design concept...it's the amazing MotorVationals collection from The Time Factory! This spectacular entry in the series features superstar Kasey Kahne in one of his most glorious moments - spinning donuts to an adoring crowd at the Texas Motor Speedway after winning the Samsung/Radio Shack 500 on April 9, 2006. With incredible photography of Jeff's 2006 #9 Dodge, a sharp black-bordered design, a quote celebrating the phenomenon of momentum, and a large facsimilie autograph from Kasey himself, this rare piece is a must-have for any true fan. A spectacular piece for your wall, and a true inspiration for any fan! Note: this poster is now long out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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