Dany Heatley "Action" - Costacos 2008

Dany Heatley "Action" - Costacos 2008

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Costacos Sports, released December 2008
Size: 22.25" x 34"
Condition: Brand New! Manufactured in free and democratic Taiwan (not China!)

Item #: CN4673-08

Head up ice and score with Ottawa's beloved sniper, Dany Heatley! This amazing poster celebrates the athleticism, skill, and style of Heater looking great as he looks to score another big goal. With a spectacular game-action shot, and a sharp design that includes both the newest Senators team logo, and the oldest of the old-school icons (the 1917-32 "O" logo), this is a true beauty, perfect for the wall of any fan!

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