Woody Hayes "Pay Forward" Legendary Ohio State Commencement Address Poster - MTP

Woody Hayes "Pay Forward" Legendary Ohio State Commencement Address Poster - MTP

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Publisher: My Team Prints, 2007
Size: 18" x 24"
Condition: Brand-new, printed on high-quality gallery stock.

Item #: MTP-1156

Excerpts from commencement address, Wayne Woodrow "Woody" Hayes - March 21, 1986

Celebrating the intensity, greatness, and genius of the all-time Ohio State legend! As Head Coach of the Buckeyes from 1951-1978, Hayes won 13 Big Ten championships, four National Championships, helped launch the careers of dozens of big-time professional careers in playing and coaching, and - most of all - influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands through his wit, wisdom, and positive attitude. The Vince Lombardi of College coaching, Hayes was both brutally intense and intensely cerebral, as witnessed by his incredible commencement speech delivered on campus in 1986 that still lives on in the annals of great academic speeches to this date. Based on the theme "Pay Forward", it stresses the role of personal and public responsibility, and the most important factor of all in personal success: refusing to feel sorry for one's self. With a classic colorized photographic image, a slick Buckeyes-red design, and extensive excerpts from the speech itself, this is a must for the wall of any true fan, and a motivational message that will benefit anyone who takes it to heart! A classic, classy print, perfect for the wall of home or office.

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