New York Yankees "Arm-y" - Costacos 2003

New York Yankees "Arm-y" - Costacos 2003

  • USD $14.95
Publisher: Costacos Sports, released April 2003
Size: 22¼" x 34"
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: CN3216

Thanks to a relentless army of great pitchers, the New York Yankees are perennial contenders for the World Series crown! This poster displays four of the Bronx Bombers' greatest of the early-2000s: ultra-steady Mike Mussina; legendary future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens; bullpen savior Mariano Rivera; and long-time lefty star Andy Pettitte. A great way to commemorate awesome pitching, and a beautiful addition to your Yankees Wall-of-Fame! Note: this poster is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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