Jose Canseco "40/40 Classic" - Sports Impressions 1989

Jose Canseco "40/40 Classic" - Sports Impressions 1989

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Publisher: Sports Impressions Inc., 1989
Size: 18" x 24"
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: MB129

It was one of the most incredible offensive seasons in the history of baseball! In each of his first two full seasons, Jose Canseco stole 15 bases, an impressive number for a monster slugger. However, when 1988 began, Jose announced he would shoot for the coveted 30/30 mark. Little did anyone know, he would do even better! When all was said and done, Canseco had 42 Home Runs and 40 Stolen Bases, and became the first 40/40 man in the history of the game. It was a combination of power and speed that had never been seen before, and may never be seen again.

This poster is the perfect commemorative of that awesome season, featuring classic artwork of Jose the slugger, the runner, and the man. Great action, great style - perfect for the wall of any fan! From short-lived publisher Sports Impressions Inc., it is not known just how few of these were ever produced, or how few ever made it to stores. It is certainly a rare piece that brings back great memories of Jose in his prime. Limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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