Jackson Hole "Air Force" Skiing - Focus Productions 2005

Jackson Hole "Air Force" Skiing - Focus Productions 2005

  • USD $9.95
Publisher: Focus Productions, 2005
Size: 18" x 24"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: FP-05

Blue skies, wild terrain, fresh white powder, and a high-flying stunt from the legendary Jackson Hole Air Force - posters don't get any better than this! From inside Cardiac Cave, this poster gives you a jaw-dropping view of Air Force "Pilot" Micah Black halfway through a full airborne somersault, decending a huge vertical drop on a glorious day for skiing. With amazing graphic design, breathtaking photography from Wade McCoy of Teton Gravity Research, and a facsimilie autograph from skier Black right on the print, this poster is a must for your wall!

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