DVD: World Series Film 2005 (White Sox vs. Astros)

DVD: World Series Film 2005 (White Sox vs. Astros)

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Publisher: Manufactured and distributed by Shout Factory, 2005
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And you thought the Red Sox had a long wait! After 88 years of frustration, the Chicago White Sox took out the defending Champions from Boston, defeated the Angels for the Pennant, and then swept away the Houston Astros to win their first World Series Championship since the days of Shoeless Joe. For White Sox nation, there has never been a more incredible, emotional, glorious October. Re-live those memories forever with Major League Baseball Productions' official 2005 World Series Film! With exclusive camera angles, commentary from all the broadcast crews, exclusive interviews with all major players in the postseason drama, the full season storyline, all the important game action, and rare extras that you won't see anywhere else, this DVD is an absolute must for any true fan! From Paul Konerko's Grand Slam, to Scott Podsednik's shocking game winner off Brad Lidge, to Geoff Blum's 14th-inning bomb, to Ozzie Guillen's famous "big guy" call to the bullpen for Bobby Jenks, to Juan Uribe's 9th-inning defensive gems, to Joe Crede's all-around excellence, to Jermaine Dye's series-winning single, it's all here, letting you re-live each and every glorious moment forever!

MLB's official World Series films are always a true baseball thrill, with writing, editing, sound, and pure excitement that make them the finest sports video releases of the year. Follow from the inside the exploits of Konerko, Podsednik, Blum, Jenks, Uribe, Crede, Dye, Carl Everett, Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski, Orlando Hernandez, Jose Contreras, Aaron Rowand, Jon Garland, Dustin Hermanson, Frank Thomas, and the rest as they establish themselves as all-time Chicago legends! Whether you are a lifelong White Sox backer, or simply a baseball fan who was taken in by the amazing drama and action, this DVD is for you! A must for your collection, and the perfect gift for the fan in your life.

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