DVD Set: "Greatest Sports Legends - Baseball" - MMV 2000

DVD Set: "Greatest Sports Legends - Baseball" - MMV 2000

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Publisher: Running Time: Over 6 Hours on 3 DVDs
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Item #: MMV-62123

It was one of the greatest and most successful syndicated television shows of all-time - "Greatest Sports Legends", creator Berl Rotfeld's weekly half-hour profile/interview show that ran on local TV stations throughout North America on weekend afternoons for an amazing 21 years (1973 through 1993). With classic archival footage, biographical background info, and up-close and personal interviews from locations such as Paul Hornung's Manhattan Penthouse, and the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California, these programs presented the legendary stories of the greatest stars in sport to generations of fans.

Compiled from the vast show archives comes this fantastic DVD set, featuring 15 classic baseball episodes that profile some of the greatest Hall of Fame superstars of all-time. Included on the discs are episodes featuring: Babe Ruth (as remembered by Rodger Kahn, Joe Sewell, and Ed Wells, 1984), Lou Gehrig (hosted by Dave Winfield, as remembered by Shirley Povich and Lefty Gomez, 1987), Joe DiMaggio (narrated by John Facenda, interviewed by Paul Hornung, 1975), Ted Williams (interviewed by Tom Seaver, 1978), Stan Musial (narr. Facenda, int. Hornung, 1973), Yogi Berra (narr. Facenda, int. Hornung, 1973), Jackie Robinson (narr. Facenda, as remembered by Ken Howard, 1982), Mickey Mantle (narr. Facenda, int. Hornung, 1973), Willie Mays (interviewed by Reggie Jackson, 1982), Ernie Banks (narrated by Kris Chandler, interviewed by Jackson, 1991), Hank Aaron (int. Jackson, 1977), Sandy Koufax (narr. Chandler, as remembered by Don Drysdale, 1993), Pete Rose (int. Seaver, 1979), Nolan Ryan (interviewed by Steve Garvey, 1986), and Reggie Jackson (narrated by Curt Gowdy, 1989). As a bonus, each DVD contains an additional 15-20 minutes of rare vintage newsreel coverage of baseball action from the 1930s to the 1960s.

For fans of old-time baseball, and the wonderful old syndicated show you grew up with, this is an absolute must-have for your sports DVD library. With over six hours of long-lost footage and discussion of baseball in the golden era, you will re-live a lifetime of memories from the glory days of the National Pastime!

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