DOOR-SIZED Tennis Girl by Martin Elliott (1976) Poster - Pyramid (UK)

DOOR-SIZED Tennis Girl by Martin Elliott (1976) Poster - Pyramid (UK)

  • USD $24.95
Publisher: Pyramid International (UK), 2012
Size: 21" x 62" (Over Five Feet Tall!)
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: PP20203-D

HUGE Door-Sized Edition!

Here it is, folks - the one you've been waiting for! One of the world's all-time top-selling posters, this simple but evocative image was set up by photographer Martin Elliott with his girlfriend (one Fiona Butler) in 1976 on a whim, and within a year, was hanging on the wall of hundreds of thousands in England and and around the world! Aside from the obvious naughtiness, everything about it is superb: the court, the trees, the early-evening sunlight, the classic wooden racquet - giving it that once-in-a-lifetime magical appeal that made the young photographer rich, and made generations of young men pine after this poster!

After decades of being locked away, out-of-print and in limbo, the estate of Mr. Elliott has finally released the rights to reproduce this image in a new door-sized edition that's just as bright, clear and beautiful as the original! Whether you've been waiting for ages, or if it just now caught your eye, don't miss your chance at adding this classic to your wall and your collection.

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