DVD SET: Philadelphia 76ers "Dynasty Series" Collector's Set

DVD SET: Philadelphia 76ers "Dynasty Series" Collector's Set

  • USD $54.95
Publisher: Manufactured and distributed by Warner Brothers Home Video
Size: 6 DVDs
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: DVD038

Sixers fans, heaven is here! A true hoops lover's dream, this amazing collector's set gives you over 11 hours of Philadelphia 76ers basketball history for one low box-set price. Packed onto six DVDs are the following productions, sure to bring back memories of a lifetime that you thought you'd never see again:
  • "The Philadelphia 76ers: A History" (2005) - a 24-minute feature celebrating the history of Pro Basketball in Philly, from Jumpin' Joe Fulks' Philadelphia Warriors of the late 1940s, to Wilt Chamberlain's early days in the NBA, through the Julius Erving days, the Charles Barkley years, and the Allen Iverson modern era.
  • "The Rivalries" - Two classic short films reviewing playoff matchups against the Boston Celtics (1981 and 1982 Eastern Conference Finals) and Los Angeles Lakers (vintage highlight film reviewing the 1980 NBA Finals).
  • "The Seasons" - Classic interviews and vintage footage reviewing four turning points in the history of the 76ers: 1966-67 ("Downing the Celtics"); 1975-76 ("The 76ers Resurgence"); 1982-83 ("That Championship Feeling", the full official film of the 1983 NBA Playoffs); and 2000-01 ("On the Way to the NBA Finals")
  • "The Great 76ers Players" - Classic interviews and vintage footage profiling seven of the greatest Sixers of all-time: Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Darryl Dawkins, Maurice Cheeks, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson.
  • "Allen Iverson: The Answer" (2002) - A 60-minute feature from NBA Entertainment celebrating the greatness of guard Allen Iverson through exclusive interviews, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and game highlights that will leave your jaw on the floor!
  • 1982 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7, 76ers at Celtics, May 23, 1982 - Complete Game Broadcast (CBS Sports) - Sixers shock the Celtics at Boston Garden to move on to the Finals.
  • 1983 NBA Finals Game 4, 76ers at Lakers, May 31, 1983 - Complete Original Broadcast (CBS Sports) - Sixers sweep away the Lakers at The Forum.
  • 1990 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 3, Bulls at 76ers, May 11, 1990 - Complete Original Broadcast (PRISM Sports) - Barkley's 34 help sink Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls.
  • 2001 NBA Finals Game 1, 76ers at Lakers, June 6, 2001- Complete Original Broadcast (NBC Sports) - AI's 48 points lead the Sixers to a stunning victory in L.A.
From Fulks to Wilt, Billy Cunningham to Bobby Jones, Dr. J to Chocolate Thunder, Mike Gminski to Dikembe Mutombo, Barkley to A.I., they're all here, along with countless other team legends, in living color, just like you saw them back in the day!

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