"Leicester 2000" Team Collective - U.K.

"Leicester 2000" Team Collective - U.K.

  • USD $9.95
Publisher: Published in England, 2000
Size: 19½" x 27½"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: UK-143

Exclusive import from The Sports Poster Warehouse!

The full 2000 squad! Amazing poster for the wall of any Foxes fanatic.

Featuring: Tim Flowers, Frank Sinclair, Gerry Taggart, Steve Walsh, Muzzy Izzet, Neil Lennon, Emile Heskey, Darren Eadie, Steve Guppy, Arnar Gunnlaugsson, Robbie Savage, Phil Gilchrist, Stuart Campbell, Matt Elliott, Ian Marshall, Graham Fenton, Pegguy Apphexad, Andrew Impey, Stuart Wilson, Tony Cottee, Stefan Oakes, Theo Zagorakis and Stan Collymore.

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