COMBO: Vintage Historic Maps of Israel, The Promised Land (1586, 1663, 1750)

COMBO: Vintage Historic Maps of Israel, The Promised Land (1586, 1663, 1750)

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Publisher: Avenue A Cards Inc., Antique Map Reprints
Size: Three Individual Posters, Size Approx. 20" x 28" Each
Condition: Brand New!


Add a beautiful dose of artistic, historic, political and spiritual significance to your walls with these vintage classic maps of The Holy Land! Reproduced to perfection from original source maps (the originals are worth tens of thousands of dollars each), this poster combo features three spectacular maps of Israel from the late Renaissance and early Enlightenment eras of Europe. First, "Types of Geography and Famous Places in the Kingdom of Judah and Israel," dated 1586, and credited to the Royal Geographer of Belgium Abraham Ortelius. With text in Latin, it displays the Mediterranean coast from Sidon in the North to Rhinocorura in the South, with the political borders of the lands of Galilee, Samaria, and Judea, and the natural mountainous barriers that separated the lands of the Jewish tribes from the lands of the Arabs. Second, "The Promised Land for the Sons of Israel," credited to Nicolaus Vilscher of Amsterdam circa 1663, a Dutch map that situates West at the top as it charts the tribal territories of the Jews, and includes countless biblical details including the path of the 40-year Exodus from Rameses to the Land of Milk and Honey, and accurate illustrations of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the Ark of the Covenant. Third, "Judea or The Holy Land, Divided into the Twelve Tribes," credited to the Royal Geographer of France, Sir Robert de Vaugondy, with an inset view of the ancient "Land of Canaan, The Land Promised to Abraham for All-Time." Decorative, educational, and instructive, these classic maps are perfect for the wall and collection of any Israelophile! Ideal for home, office, classroom or place of worship.

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