Steam Train in Virginia (O. Winston Link, 1957) - NYGS

Steam Train in Virginia (O. Winston Link, 1957) - NYGS

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Publisher: NYGS, 2004
Size: 24" x 32"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on high-quality gallery stock.

Item #: NY30590

Montgomery Tunnel Near Christianburg, Virginia, 1957
NW709 Father and Son Watch Passenger Train, The "Pocahontas"

Own a classic American photographic masterpiece for your wall! From the lens of legendary steam train photographer O. Winston Link, this amazing print features a breathtaking 1957 shot of the train "Pocahontas", lit brilliantly at night by Link's custom large-scale flash system. A truly beautiful example of the art of black-and-white photography, and a nostalgic look back at the waning days of the steam train era in America! Perfect for the wall of home, office or classroom.

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