Mark McGwire "Home Run Record Breaker" - Starline 1998

Mark McGwire "Home Run Record Breaker" - Starline 1998

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Publisher: Starline Inc., 1998
Size: 22.25" x 34.5"
Condition: Brand New, Original Warehouse Stock!

Item #: S5133

When he took Steve Trachsel deep on Tuesday, September 7, 1998, Mark McGwire made baseball history. He broke Roger Maris' record with relative ease, and hit 62 faster than Babe Ruth hit his 60. This is baseball's All-Time home run king - a living legend! Published by Starline Inc. in September 1998 to commemorate the amazing feat, this is both an attractive work of historic sports art for the wall of any fan, and a valuale collector's item for years to come! The perfect addition to your sports wall-of-fame.

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