DeMarre Carroll "Junkyard Dog" (Missouri 2009) - ProGraphs

DeMarre Carroll "Junkyard Dog" (Missouri 2009) - ProGraphs

  • USD $21.95
Publisher: ProGraphs Inc., 2009
Size: 24" x 36"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: PG-006

Beware of the JUNKYARD DOG
DeMarre Carroll #1
University of Missouri Basketball 2008-2009

Celebrate the man who electrified Big 12 basketball, and took his Mizzou Tigers all the way to the Elite Eight! This spectacular poster features The Junkyard Dog, forward DeMarre Carroll, in action during his legendary 2008-09 season. Amazing action, fantastic design - a rare Mizzou basketball poster you won't find anywhere else, perfect for your wall and your collection!

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