Boston Celtics "17x Champs" Premium Pennant - Wincraft Inc.

Boston Celtics "17x Champs" Premium Pennant - Wincraft Inc.

  • USD $14.95
Publisher: WinCraft Inc.
Size: 12" x 30" Triangular Felt Pennant
Condition: Brand New! Durable "Roll-it-and-Go" Felt Fabric.

Item #: WI-PP-020

A true celebration of basketball history for your wall! Featuring the style, colors, and logo art of the NBA's most decorated franchise, the Boston Celtics, this amazing pennant commemorates each of the record 17 championship seasons, starting with the first in 1957, and complete through the 2008 victory over the Lakers. Part of WinCraft Inc.'s premium pennant series, the amazing graphics are printed in full-color on a revolutionary soft-and-durable "Roll-it-and-Go" felt that can be tucked tightly away, and look just as good when unrolled again! A wonderful collector's item, and the perfect commemorative accent to your sports wall-of-fame.

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