Julian Edelman "Airborn" Super Bowl LI (2017) Patriots Premium Poster - Photofile 16x20

Julian Edelman "Airborn" Super Bowl LI (2017) Patriots Premium Poster - Photofile 16x20

  • USD $39.95
Publisher: Photo File Inc., 2017
Size: 16" x 20"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality matte photographic stock.

Item #: PF-16-440

Celebrating the acrobatic, athletic, miraculous, and fearless style of an all-time Patriots fan-favorite, from an all-time legendary game! This spectacular print takes you to the first quarter of Super Bowl LI, the dramatic championship game of February 5, 2017, when New England took down the Atlanta Falcons for their fifth Super Bowl championship. Proving that he, and his mates, would stop at nothing to win, Edelman took this reception from Tom Brady and headed towards the sideline. Now what does Julian do when he's faced with a monster defender and an approaching out-of-bounds? Does he let himself be tackled? Hightail it to the white? Get down and slide? Not this hardcore baller! Up he went, with little regard for physical limits, in a flying, twisting airborn jump-roll to squeeze out those final few inches of forward progress, before hitting the defender and the ground with equal vicious force. No problem - get up, shake it off, and get ready to make even more miraculous plays the rest of the night!

An iconic image of one of the most beloved offensive players in the history of the Patriots franchise, this image will remind you of the glory of the moment, the day, the season, and the career, with every glance. From the world's leading sports photography marketer, Photofile Inc., this is a high-quality, licensed 16"x20" print, published on professional-grade photographic stock, and complete with Super Bowl LI logo and NFL Properties holographic label for authenticity. A beauty for the wall of any fan, and a valuable collector's item for years to come! A must-have addition to the wall and collection of any true New England Patriots fan.

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